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25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin****

With the addition of Hotel Bikini at the Zoologischer Garten Train Station, Berlin has gained much more than just another design hotel. The project was conceptualized by Werner Aisslinger, who was aiming for nothing less than to reinvent the very principle of the hotel. He took an office building from the 1950s and created a creative hotspot in the west of the city for the 25hours chain. The building is fitted with the Berker R.1, which was also designed by the interior architect. Christoph Hoffmann, CEO of the 25hours chain: "We've always been fans of the attractive switches from Berker – and with the Berker R.1, we're happy to have now found a switch system that suits us perfectly, both in terms of the design and our budget."

Project: 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin****

Location: Berlin, Germany

Architect:  Arne Quinze, Hild and K,  Werner Aisslinger

Products and solutions: Berker switches R.1




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