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4th April 2016

25 years of Daitem: a brand that’s securely in the lead

The fact that tenants and homeowners in German-speaking countries are now able to live in much more secure conditions than in the past is due in part to our brand Daitem.

With the motto “Gemeinsam für Sicherheit” (Working together for security), the leading brand for wireless alarm systems and intruder alarm systems is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This marks a quarter of a century of success in protecting thousands of properties and their inhabitants from break-ins and fires. At the same time, the brand has become a real success story itself.

The idea is as simple as it is appealing: Daitem provides maximum safety and security with a minimum level of installation effort. That’s because Daitem alarm systems are based on wireless technology and powered by batteries over many years, which means they can be installed quickly, easily and without masonry work. This is partly what has made Daitem a market leader for wireless alarm solutions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, following its launch in 1992. Demand continues to be high. In Germany a burglary takes place every two minutes, on average. That’s the bad news.

The good news…? An increasing number of attempted break-ins are thwarted by security systems – such as the cutting-edge technology provided by Daitem.

Daitem systems are manufactured by Atral, Europe’s experts in wireless security technology. The company is headquartered in Crolles, near Grenoble, and has been part of Hager Group since 2004. It launched the first completely wireless alarm system back in 1984. Today all product lines are still manufactured in German and French plants.

“In this anniversary year we would particularly like to thank our customers and partners, who have played a considerable part in the success of our brand and our company,” says Volker Cestaro, Managing Director of Atral-Secal GmbH in Weinheim. “We marked our anniversary with a fantastic kick-off celebration for our specialist trade partners and important, long-term associates. We will continue to celebrate throughout the year with sales promotions and events.” The Daitem anniversary also looks certain to be a topic at the world’s leading trade fair for security and fire prevention, ‘security essen’, which runs from 27th to 30th September 2016 in Essen.

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