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A gentleman’s flat with a view (Prague, Czech Republic)

This new 160 m² flat is located in a newly reconstructed historic building in the Smíchov District of Prague. The flat is remarkable for its unusually high ceilings and beautiful views of the Vltava river, the longest river in the country. The investor’s assignment was to create an impressive space with two bedrooms for occasional living.

The owner gave GIGA-Line Studio interior designer Zuzana Tomčíková carte blanche to select the high-quality and original furnishings. Thanks to the Zuzana’s comprehensive approach to colour selection and materials, the flat radiates harmony, and it is equally apparent that even the smallest of details have been meticulously considered. As a result, the flat is equipped with uniquely designed electric components which are perfectly in tune with the overall atmosphere. The lights, furniture, door fittings and Berker 1930 Softtouch switches, all come from the Monobrand portfolio.

Contributing to Zuzana Tomčíková’s design process, the investor came up with several ideas of his own regarding the interior design. This “gentleman’s” flat features high-quality, timeless materials in subdued tones of mostly cold colours that are combined with natural wood to make the interior dynamic, as well as cosy. The selection of material, colour and design in all the interior elements have elevated the space to new and superior dimensions.

Retro rotary switches from the Berker Serie 1930 Softtouch, with their distinctive velvety matt finish, can be found throughout the flat. These one-of-a-kind switches come from the custom-made production wing of Hager Manufaktur, where they address each individual client requirement for the appearance and design of home switches. The entire production is based on custom work, making it possible to comply with almost any requirement, whether involving non-traditional materials or unusual surface treatment of the frames. For example, Hager Manufaktur can create switches made of precious metals, denim, leather, concrete or neon acrylate, or even cover them with Swarovski crystals! The company is frequently asked to print icons, pictograms or short texts on the frames, which facilitate lighting control. 

“In this gentleman’s residential interior, Berker Serie 1930 switches were made with a specific finish that made the surface of the black Bakelite switches silky smooth. Therefore the switches are not only a feast for the eyes, but are also agreeable to touch during everyday usage,” says Thomas Grund, General Manager of Hager Electro, Czech Republic.  

The interior design implementation was nominated for the Interior of the Year Award, in the “Private Interior – Reconstruction” category, making it to the final selection in its category. Indeed there can be no denying, this “gentleman’s flat” is an absolute winner!


Project: A gentleman’s flat view

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Interior Designer: Zuzana Tomčíková from GIGA-Line

Products and solutions: Berker 1930 Softtouch switches



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