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Hager Group Symposium 2014 at the Offenburg Exhibition Centre on 9th October 2014

A step towards the future

A total of 430 managers from 30 countries, an intensive six-hour programme, three group sessions and countless ideas and suggestions: Hager Group Symposium 2014 on 9th October in Offenburg was a day filled with valuable inspiration for the company.

“Today we’re going to be casting our gaze towards the future and taking a look at the kinds of challenges we can expect to see not only in the long term, but also in the coming five years as part of Project 2020.” These were Daniel Hager’s opening words as he introduced this conference with many Hager Group managers following an impressive 3D video-and-light show. The main topics of the conference were the future of corporate culture, the organisation of the company and leadership.

Turning their attention to 2013 and 2014, Daniel Hager and his two fellow board members, Bertrand Schmitt and Philippe Ferragu, stated that these have been two good years for Hager Group despite certain elements of uncertainty. They added that this was not least thanks to the unwavering and dedicated efforts of all of the company’s employees.

What does the future hold for the different departments? What attributes does a company need in order to benefit from all of the changes constantly taking place in the world? For instance, what can be done to address and attract Generation Y to the company? And how can the weaknesses of intercultural teams be transformed into strengths? Three talks by external experts Prof Erin Meyer, Dr Denis Mourlane and Christoph Fellinger provided attendees with inspiration on the topics addressed at the event: “The future of corporate culture”, “The future of company organisation” and “The future of management”. The experts’ theories were then discussed in smaller groups and takeaways were presented in the larger Symposium session. 

In his closing speech, Daniel Hager stressed the importance of this Symposium for the initial process involved in Project 2020. “Now is the time for you to incorporate the ideas and approaches we’ve discussed today into the process of our transformation,” he urged attendees. “And I look forward to achieving this with you.”

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