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BOMMA Atelier (Prague, Czech Republic)

The place where berker switches control dozens of unique luminaires.

BOMMA Atelier has the ambition to become a design icon on the map of Europe.

This is no ordinary showroom or model apartment. BOMMA Atelier amazes and immerses the visitor literally in the action. Unique in its floor plan, symbiosis of original custom-made furniture with pieces from leading contemporary brands and, at first glance, a perfectly tuned interior with a whiff of worldliness. A living organism instead of the typical showroom rigidity. And plenty of light from dozens of fixtures from the Czech brand BOMMA, controlled by berker switches. Because in this creative atmosphere, the most beautiful switches in the world cannot be missing.

Adolf Hoffmeister lived and worked in the ground-floor corner suite of the cubist house Diamant in Prague's Spálená Street, designed in 1912 by architect Emil Králíček, during the First Republic. This writer, politician and leading representative of the Czech avant-garde designed his apartment and had it furnished with custom-made functionalist furniture. We can still be amazed at how timeless this quality interior furnishing has proved to be, and we still enjoy some ideas that are more than a century old - like the built-in bar. And it was this unique space, imbued with an unconventional and creative atmosphere, that the Czech manufacturer of crystal lighting fixtures BOMMA chose as its first ever showroom.

However, the concept of BOMMA Atelier goes much further than simply presenting a portfolio of crystal luminaires. The aim was to create a unique space that would inspire and live its own life, serving as a meeting and discussion place for architects, experts and other design lovers. To achieve a truly unique space, Bomma's creative director Václav Mlynář approached Milan-based interior designer Sophie Wannenes to collaborate. Together, they complemented the renovated furnishings with high-end design furniture from leading European and international companies and harmonised the wallpaper, carpets, tiles and switches down to the smallest detail.

"Sophie Wannenes, with her characteristic Italian approach to design, breaks away from the ubiquitous minimalism, knows how to combine different styles and underlines the character of individual luminaires with bold combinations," explains Eva Kozarová, Marketing Director of BOMMA. "The concept is based on current European trends, with colours mixed in to create an almost scenographic, yet completely harmonious atmosphere. The result is a real place to live, work and learn, an environment for designers and brands united by a love of design," reveals Sophie Wannenes.

One of the brands present at BOMMA Atelier is berker switches, manufactured by Hager and supplied to BOMMA Atelier by the design shop Monobrand. "Selecting the switches for BOMMA Atelier was a beautiful job," recalls Katrin Grund, founder and owner of Monobrand, one of BOMMA Atelier's partners. "The Atelier's space is organic, the mood and overall feel of the interior changes in different parts of the space, so we adapted the selection of switches for the different corners," adds Katrin Grund. The individual BOMMA luminaires thus end up dominating three berker design series: the retro 1930 series berker rotary switches in black plastic directly refer to the 1930s in their appearance and material and are therefore a frequent choice for functionalist interiors worldwide. The berker 1930 series Softtouch switches are identical in shape to the above-mentioned series, but stand out in terms of material: they are custom-made switches with a velvety-soft surface. The third design series chosen for the Atelier is berker R.1. This unorthodox switch combining a square frame with a round central flap takes switch design a century forward. Its overall look belies the spirit of a millennial.

"We're proud that the complete BOMMA luminaire collection is dominated by our berker switches, which we somewhat immodestly say are the most beautiful switches in the world," smiles Thomas Grund, Managing Director of Hager in the Czech Republic, adding a little math: "BOMMA chose this beautiful space from 1912 aptly, as the brand's origins date back exactly 100 years. Our Berker switches are much older - the Berker brothers founded the switch factory in 1919, so we already celebrated the brand's centenary a few years ago. With a little exaggeration and from the position of an older friend, we can wish our colleagues at BOMMA that their brand will continue to garner recognition and design awards for at least another century," concludes Thomas Grund.


Project: Bomma Atelier
Location: Diamant House, Spálená 4, Prague 1, 110 00
Products and solutions: berker 1930 series rotary switches, berker 1930 series Softtouch switches, berker R.1 series
Interior design: by Václav Mlynář and Sophie Wannenes
Size: 178 m2
Artwork: M. K. Čejková, M. Chochola, V. Drahotová, A. Kotzmannová, P. Fabo & others. Under the curatorial direction of Danica Kovářová.
Photos: BoysPlayNice and David Raub



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