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Casa Decor 2020 (Madrid, Spain)

The Hager room for the Casa Decor 2020

The Hager room "Less is more" for the Spanish exhibition Casa Decor 2020 was specially designed by one of the Spanish interior design experts: DISAK Studio.

For the experts at DISAK Studio, furnishing a room involves many factors: from the furniture and the materials chosen to the colour of the lighting. The concept of the room dedicated to our Hager brand for the Casa Decor 2020 exhibition is based on a completely open space with a wide range of materials: a subtle mix of marble, wood and textiles. A room that recreates a luxurious and timeless style, with an elegant colour palette based on mink, grey and earth tones. But it is above all the various lighting systems controlled by Hager KNX solutions that add the finishing touch to the decoration.

Art plays a very important role in the rooms designed by the DISAK studio.

Wherever possible, the experts are happy to integrate sculptures, photographs or even paintings, naturally with the most appropriate lighting to highlight the works.


Project: The Hager Room for the exhibition Casa Decor 2020

Location: Madrid, Spain

Architects: DISAK Studio

Products and solutions: KNX solutions from Hager



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