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Centro de Alto Rendimento de Remo (Pocinho)

Could there be a more beautiful place in which to achieve maximum performance? It’s hard to imagine that there is, since the Centro de Alto Rendimento de Remo, a high-performance rowing centre, is situated in the Douro Valley – one of the most idyllic corners of Portugal. The architecture by Alvaro Fernandes Andrade – designed to fit in with the local landscape – is just as impressive. So it’s no wonder that on the inside of this architectural jewel the focus is also on high-performance: it is fitted with Hager systems.

Project: Centro de Alto Rendimento de Remo (High-Performance Rowing Centre)

Location: Pocinho, Portugal

Architect/ Planner: Alvaro Fernandes Andrade

Products and solutions: Hager quadro plus distribution board, Hager univers metering board, Hager golf distribution board, Hager H3 control cabinet, Hager NRN, NFN, CDC, CFC and LS501 circuit breakers, Hager TX510 presence detector, Hager tebis building automation, Hager domovea KNX visualisation



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