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5th November 2018

Circular Economy: nothing is lost, everything is transformed

Preserve natural capital. Optimise resources. Eliminate adverse impacts.

Such were some of the topics discussed on 28th September, by Leo Johnson at Hager Group Forum in Obernai, France, our guest expert on sustainable development.

Watch the video on  www.hagerforum.com!

To give you a flavor of what was said, here is a quote from Leo Johnson. “We can redesign. We can think circular, we can think functional, there’s better ways to do that. (…) It’s about the circular vision that doesn’t just look inside the process, it looks outside the process as well. It looks at the whole ecosystem including a new economic vision that is the opposite of the throwaway cowboy economy (…) where every time you throw something away it comes back to you and where you’ve got to revision it and make it work.”

He also asked the following question: which model is future-proofed, in other words sustainable for the economy, the people and our planet?

He used persuasive examples to show how it is becoming necessary for us to shift a linear - mass - economy to a sustainable - closed-loop approach.

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