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Cmiste Maisons Brand showroom
(Duppigheim, France)

A showcase for our gallery range
Maisons Brand, a major name in the prefabricated houses market in the Grand Est region of France, has chosen Hager products for the 120 or so houses they construct every year. Known for their aesthetic as well as practical houses, Maisons Brand felt that our boxes, charging stations, sockets and switches are the ideal supplement to the quality and feel the company is appreciated for.

Equip your own home with Hager
Maisons Brand have a declared desire to collaborate with local companies, usually leading to solid relationships which last many years. Hager, as a local player known for its outstanding electrical products, is a natural partner.

"We favour partnerships with local, preferably French, manufacturers. The fact that Hager is based in Alsace is a real plus, as our customers are sensitive to this. And he quality and originality of your products is simply convincing," explains Chloé Hagg, communications manager at Maisons Brand.

What does this collaboration look like for Maisons Brand customers? For their off-the-peg solutions, Maisons Brand always include our essensya basic range of electrical products. The customer, however, can specify otherwise. The gallery range, explains Chloe Hagg, is perfect for discerning punters: "It is a very original range, likely to appeal to all our customers because of the variety of its choices. It offers a "top of the range" possibility with wood, aluminum and leather finishes".

Maisons Brand is considering new projects with Hager solutions, in home automation or charging stations. This further collaboration would be aimed at the evolution of their houses towards an increasingly connected and energy-efficient home.


Project: Maisons Brand showroom
Location: Duppigheim, France
Products and solutions:  - enclosure Gamma+, - gallery wall switches, - witty charging station, - essensya wall switches


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