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Convention Centre
(Angers, France)

Customized solutions from Hager
When the Jean Monnier Convention Centre in Angers France was due for refurbishment, Hager was chosen to supply all the high-performance switchgear cabinets which were fitted to bring the systems up-to-date. For this major project we worked with a contractor who benefitted from our team’s technical expertise and capacity to manage a complex project within tight deadlines.

Between October 2017 and spring 2019, the centre in France’s Maine-et-Loire district underwent a complete redesign: the 1,200-seat auditorium was refurbished and additional modular spaces were created, at a total cost of €21 million.

H3+ Energy molded enclosures help meet deadlines
The very tight installation deadlines were met thanks to a technological innovation: the H3+ Energy molded enclosure. This "two-in-one" component combines the high-power circuit breaker with an integrated electricity metering solution that complies with RT2012 (French Energy Efficiency Standart) requirements for monitoring energy consumption in commercial buildings. Designed to support the work of professionals, they save up to 80% of installation time compared to conventional components.

A main LV (Low voltage) panel adapted to the constraints of the technical room
Frédéric Guichard, co-manager of CNAE was impressed by our ability to work around considerable obstacles: "Instead of a single high panel board, which would have been the traditional solution, we designed and supplied two more compact panels with Hager, which were integrated into the complex constraints of the site, namely a cramped room crossed by a supporting beam limiting the height under the ceiling.”

"The Hager and CNAE teams were able to design a custom-made low-voltage switchgear with an attractive appearance that would fit in with the shoehorn.”

In view of the tight deadlines and numerous last-minute modifications, Jérémy Machu, Maine et Loire manager for Eiffage Énergie Systèmes industriels et tertiaire, was happy with our way of communication: "We had established a constructive dialogue with CNAE and Hager and we knew that we could count on their swift response in case of unforeseen events.”

Gilles Faivre, technical manager for Hager's commercial sector explained what makes the new system so flexible: "Usually the metering function is provided by a separate meter from the circuit breaker. Our H3+ Energy boxes integrate it, and are distinguished by their compactness.”


Project: Angers Convention Center
Location: Angers, France
Products & solutions: - Enclosures: 1600A main LV board + 29 sub-distribution board, 13 stage equipment protection enclosures, - Protection: H3+ circuit breakers including a P630A for the evolution of the Congress Center's consumption, - Energy metering and management: H3+ energy, agardio.manager
External partners: - Project owner: Angers Loire Métropole, - Design office: AIA ingénierie, - Architect: Frédéric Rolland & Associés, - Installer: Eiffage Énergie Systèmes – Angers, - Contractor: CNAE - Villevêque, Maine-et-Loire



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