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Department of Urban Development and the Environment (Hamburg)

Architectural critics have dubbed the new home of Hamburg’s major authority “Villa Kunterbunt” (English: Villa Villekulla, the fictional home of Pippi Longstocking). With its 30,000 ceramic panels, the building bears the unmistakable design fingerprint of the colour virtuosos at Sauerbruch Hutton. It covers an area of 60,000 metres on the grounds of the former International Building Exhibition 2013 and has achieved the KfW 70 standard and the gold DGNB sustainability certificate, making it a benchmark project for ecologically sound architecture.

Switches, plug sockets and additional control elements from the Berker Q.1 support the public officials in their work throughout large areas of the building. With a surface that is scratch-proof and easy to clean, these products are perfect for spaces that are frequented by the public and subjected to repetitive use in everyday office life. 

Project: Department of Urban Development and the Environment

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Architect:  Sauerbruch Hutton Architects

Products & solutions: Berker Q.1




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