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Designed for the customer: fit for the future with the new eHZ adapter

It is often said that the devil is in the detail. This is certainly true of the new Hager eHZ adapter (also known in the field as BKZ-A/AZ), which boasts a slew of intelligent details that make the plug-in meter board a noticeable improvement for the customer. The new product has been specially designed for ease of installation, cost effectiveness and compatibility, maximising added value.

“A large number of departments and experts from Hager Group were of course involved in the more than three-year development process,” reports market manager Michael Klein. “The most important input during the period, however, was provided by a regular dialogue with the people who would ultimately use the adapter; our customers.”

The adapter is used when replacing old, analogue meters with modern, digital electricity meters, largely by energy suppliers, who use it for regular meter conversions in customer systems. In such cases, it is often unclear which continuous current loads a meter board will be exposed to, either at present or in the future, from photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and other consumers. What is clear is that the eHZ adapter can cope with them perfectly. The new Hager product is designed for continuous currents of up to 50 amps, greatly exceeding the normative requirements, ensuring that it is completely future proof.

“This means that the new eHZ adapter is the most straightforward and robust solution for replacing meters in older buildings,” explains Frank Anna, Group Leader Product Engineering Enclosures, who led the development at Hager Group. The device has also been designed to facilitate reading and installation (larger wiring compartment, compatible with the Hager cable management system), saving the energy supply company installers and technicians both time and money. For them, the Hager innovation is a meter contactor they can rely on 100%.

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