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Do you speak Hager Group?

Do you speak Hager Group?

Cooperation within Hager Group can only be successful if our communication is perfectly aligned. That’s what we’re working on with the Change Lever ‘Common Language’.
Johannes Thome, leader of the Change Lever common language explains how we’re doing it and what everybody could and should do to contribute.

Establishing standards and striving for efficiency and effectiveness are of course fundamental for production and daily working processes. More and more we must apply this to our internal & external communication and behaviour too. The more international we think and work, the more aligned our mind-sets and common communication standards must become. This is what our Change Lever ‘Common Language’ is all about.

Below are some examples of initiatives in progress:

With our Blended Learning English tutorial Speexx we offer a means to embed a common, dependable, solid language foundation for all colleagues. It will help ease cultural and language barriers and avoid misunderstandings by providing a more precise understanding of colleagues, customers and solutions. It will further authentic and close cooperation between colleagues.

The suggestion to use Speexx came from our colleagues in the United States; they are, of course, at home with American English, however many of them are of Latin-American origins and therefore not enough at ease to be able to discuss customer statements or all technical problems in minute detail. And, to be completely honest, isn’t this the case for many of us?

Our Change Lever ‘Common Language’ goes beyond a simple common language foundation. One of many projects is to use a live-translation tool, which we will hopefully be able to test early next year. Another one is Hager Group live, an employee-app, which will be launched October-time this year in Germany. Hager Group live will establish completely new ways of communicating and cooperating. And with our ‘new’ Hagipedia, we will install a dynamic database of important terms for Hager Group world which will be continually updated and adapted.

With an estimated 100 languages and dialects at Hager Group, this is an ambitious project. To quote Lao Tse “…even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step.” On our way to becoming a common, powerful, and international organisation, we are currently taking some very important steps. And of course, we do need you on board with us – by signing up for Speexx, for example.

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