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27th June 2016

EFEN makes companies ‘Smart Grid Ready’

If companies want to ensure that they will be competitive tomorrow, they need to improve their energy efficiency today. For that reason, according to a survey by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 40 per cent of German companies are currently thinking about generating their own energy – at least in part. Almost 100 per cent are likely to be concerned by the topic of energy efficiency – and the planned expansion of the smart grid will help. This is because a company smart grid or public smart grid makes it possible to monitor and manage energy consumption and generation much more efficiently than is currently the case.

The problem is that nobody can yet say what tomorrow’s smart grids will be like and what their requirements will be in terms of hardware and software. For this reason, Hager subsidiary EFEN GmbH has developed an intelligent current detection system for industrial and commercial customers that already fulfils all future smart grid requirements – no matter what they may look like. The SILAS Smart Upgrade Kit is a current transformer, voltage tap-off measuring device, communication unit and data interface in one. For energy management systems certified to EN 50001, it therefore represents an important element for systematically recording energy consumption and managing it centrally. And, since it is already Smart Grid Ready, the kit provides users with the highest level of security of investment. What is more, EFEN is the first manufacturer to offer this kind of solution for fused systems.

“Instead of having several components that all need to be installed and maintained separately, we have combined important energy management functions in one component,” explains Michael Lehr, Managing Director of EFEN GmbH. What makes it so special is the fact that EFEN’s upgrade kit, available in four different sizes (NH00, 1, 2 and 3), can be used both to equip new energy distribution systems and to expand existing Hager or EFEN systems. Users can, among other things, configure signalling functions that activate an alarm in the case of high or low loads, temperature fluctuations or exceptional incidents. With the SILAS Smart Upgrade Kit, consumption-related data can be consulted very easily via an iPhone, a laptop or the control centre. And since this intelligent multi-functional device is extremely simple to install, industry customers will find it very easy to switch over to the safety standard of the future.

This innovative product by Hager allows users to already benefit from tomorrow’s energy management system today, providing the highest level of energy efficiency, low energy consumption and maximum security of investment. Anyone who wants to remain competitive in the future should therefore update their old-fashioned energy distribution system with the SILAS Smart Upgrade Kit as soon as possible.

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