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Elithis Danube Tower (Strasbourg, France)

Zero-energy-bill housing becomes a reality! The world's first positive energy tower was built in Strasbourg's Danube eco-district. The Elithis Danube tower, responds to the challenges of global warming, energy transition and integration for better living. A high-performance electrical installation for greener housing.

In the heart of Alsace, lies the Elithis Danube Tower with more than sixty apartments fully equipped with Hager solutions. These apartments will feature an electrical installation that allows residents to produce more energy than they consume.

This performance is due in particular to:

  • The recovery of solar energy by photovoltaic panels on the south facade and the terrace;
  • The large, bioclimatic bay windows, which face in the optimal direction to maximise natural light.
  • The total energy consumption of the building (including heating, ventilation, hot water and household appliances), estimated at 100 kwh per year thanks to eco-efficient solutions;
  • The energy consumption meters or a central switch for appliances and nightlights that do not need to stay on when leaving the home.

Our teams worked in collaboration with the architectural teams and the Eurometropole of Strasbourg to offer them the most coherent solution. This is an achievement that reinforces our investment in a greener and more sustainable use of energy.


Project: Elithis Danube Tower

Location: Strasbourg, France

Architect: XTU Architects

Installer: Sovec

Sponsor: Elithis

Products and solutions: essensya wall-mounted equipment, KNX home automation installation




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