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From transparent consumption to smart homes

If you want to save energy, first of all you need to know where, when and why it is consumed. We develop solutions for measuring the actual energy consumption of buildings and making it transparent and possible to control. Everything required to do this – intelligent energy meters, open data interfaces and an easy way of seeing what has been consumed – is available from a single source: Hager Group. Thanks to our innovative energy management systems and energy storage systems, consumers can, among other things, continually match their level of energy consumption to whatever electricity tariff is the best value, use renewable energy sources and intelligently integrate the energy they have generated themselves.

Less consumption, more convenience
We are also developing intelligent solutions to help continuously reduce energy consumption. Movement and presence sensors, constant lighting controls and dimmer switches achieve noticeable reductions in energy consumption for lighting. Our single-room thermostats and automatic controls for blinds and shutters reduce the level of energy used for heating and cooling considerably. In particular, energy can be saved in the home by using a central control for electronic devices. Our KNX building control systems can reduce a building’s energy consumption by up to 50 per cent and maximise convenience and security at the same time. This is just the beginning as far as we’re concerned.

The future is smart
In the future we will link intelligent buildings with smart electricity networks and smart cities, so that energy is used in a much more efficient, eco-friendly and sensible way than it is today. We don’t just conduct research into these topics; our experts are also involved in the relevant political and scientific bodies. This means that the future of energy use is not only going to be smarter and more intelligent, it will, to some extent, also be shaped by Hager Group.

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