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Intensifying energy awareness

Anyone wanting to save energy should know where, when and why it is used in the first place. This is where solutions from Hager Group come in: they measure how much energy is actually used in a building, making consumption transparent and manageable. From intelligent electricity meters and open data interfaces to graphic displays illustrating consumption, we have your every need covered. Our innovative energy management systems and energy storage solutions empower consumers, enabling them to constantly adjust their energy consumption in line with the most beneficial electricity rate at a given time besides allowing them to use renewable energy sources and intelligently integrate self-generated energy.

Less use, more comfort
We also develop intelligent solutions to help keep energy consumption at a minimum. Movement and occupancy detectors, constant-light controllers and dimmers noticeably save energy used for lighting. Thermostats for individual rooms and automatic blind/shutter control systems from Hager significantly reduce the amount of energy required for temperature regulation. The saving potential is particularly impressive. With a central control system for electronic household devices and the aid of our KNX building control systems, a building's energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30 per cent, while maximising comfort and security. All this is just the tip of the iceberg for us.

The Future is Smart
In the future we will link intelligent buildings to smart power grids and intelligent cities which will use energy in a much more efficient, environmentally friendly and sensible way than they do today. Not only are these areas researched by Hager Group, they are also represented by our experts, often on key political and scientific committees. The future of energy use will therefore not only be much smarter and more intelligent, it will also be shaped in part by Hager Group.

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