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10thJuly 2019

Everything in flow: The home of the future

When home automation and energy management converge, the products of our Hager Group are not far away. Together with our partner Audi, our colleagues from Hager have developed the Home Energy Management System (HEMS) flow . Here, we explain what it’s all about.

The HEMS is installed in the technical centre of the home by an electrician and connected via routers with the various devices. The home is thereby fully networked and the devices can communicate with each other. This communication calls for the use of the EEBUS standard. Specifically, EEBUS stands for a common and manufacturer-independent language for energy management. Irrespective of the device brand, it can communicate with the others in the home.

For our Hager Group it is a first step towards connecting the charging station of the car with the HEMS. We are delighted to have a strong partner by our side for this joint project with Audi. The car manufacturer benefits in equal measure from our expertise in the field of energy distribution. Because for the Audi e-tron, customers should be offered a sophisticated, comprehensive solution that also takes into account the charging process of the e-car. "The Audi slogan ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ applies here also to us", explains Fabian Müller, Head of Market Management Purpose Engineering at the Hager Group. He has supported the project over the last months.

Following the development of flow, the next natural step is to bring the product to the customer. "This is why we have launched a sales cooperation together with Audi with the aim of certifying professionals for the installation", continues Fabian Müller. In addition to the partnership with the trade, the end customers will of course also be addressed. For this purpose, the product will be offered in the Audi sales offices. In order to make the home of the future even more comfortable, we are working in parallel on the advancement of the energy management system. Exciting times!


See also our Press Release concerning our cooperation with AUDI AG

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