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Back to the future

Hager Forum exhibition concept and visitor experience

On three levels, Hager Forum takes visitors on an emotional journey through time, starting with the company’s history in the basement, then moving on to present solutions on the ground floor and finally on the upper floor a view of the future, with R&D and design. Most importantly, however, Hager Group’s latest building is designed to become a powerful catalyst for corporate development: a place that brings together a diversity of ideas, people and experiences and a place where new and innovative concepts and products are created. “We want Hager Forum to be a place of constant exchange and communication, both inside and outside Hager Group”, says Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group. “At the same time, Hager Forum will support innovation, knowledge transfer and entrepreneurial spirit at and across all levels of our organisation.” Translating these requirements into design was the challenge presented to Sauerbruch Hutton architects, who developed the building and interior architecture, and to Milla & Partner who were tasked with designing the exhibition spaces.

The Basement: a Journey to the company’s roots
Hager Forum experience starts in the basement where visitors can delve deep and immerse into Hager Group’s history. A large chronological table spanning more than seven metres and featuring historical pictures from the 50s,  glass cabinets and historical artefacts takes visitors back to the company’s founding years. The group’s history continues in the Force Field, a presentation space equipped with a large tripod-shaped installation and with state-of-the-art multimedia technology. An immersive and emotional show experience familiarises visitors with the group’s essential values and character, telling the story of how, within the space of 60 years, a small company run by only three people developed into a multinational, family-run company with more than 11,400 employees.

The ground floor: welcome to the here and now
Hager Forum presents Hager Group’s current product and solution portfolio for the private and commercial sectors. Additionally, there are a total of nine conference including a workshop and project rooms, one of which is a fully equipped electro-technical workshop that can be used for training and special projects. The Hub, the central event space in Hager Forum, can be used for conferences, concerts and exhibitions with up to 400 participants. The event space thus offers an open and shared exchange platform for both Hager Group employees and visitors. The same is true for the café Spark, which is much more than just a well-equipped bistro: a meeting point, a retreat, a co-working space and a project room, because as we all know, great ideas aren’t born from being alone at our workplace. Spark café is complemented by a shop whose product range is organised by Hager Group and includes design accessories and interior accessories, lights, small items of furniture and connected objects for the house or decoration as well as souvenirs that will remind visitors of the unforgettable experience that is Hager Forum.

The upper floor: a view into the future
hager Forum’s upper floor is mainly office space for the teams involved in all aspects of business development: the departments of Corporate Business Development, Corporate Design and Corporate Advanced Engineering & Innovation Services work in open office structures that facilitate communication, interdisciplinary teamwork and innovation. Innovation, cannot be made to order. However, certain conditions favor it, and that's what Hager Group has sought to establish with Hager Forum, an ambitious project that capitalises on sixty years of history and is intended to accelerate the development of the group.

To learn more about Hager Forum, please visit hagergroup.com/hagerforum.



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