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Friesach School Centre (Burgenland)

Promote stress-free learning and make any interruptions to lessons as short as possible – these were the specifications the Spado Architects team had to take into account when renovating this primary and secondary school centre in Friesach. The school centre was renovated to make it fully accessible in the record time of just three months, bringing it up to date with all the latest technological developments. Hager is now making sure that the projectors, light-boards and other school technology have a reliable energy supply, and that light is available wherever learning takes place – with room occupancy detectors or dimmer switches provided as controls.

Project: Primary and secondary school, Friesach

Location: Friesach (Burgenland), Austria

Architect:  Spado Architects

Products and solutions: Hager Univers N, Hager transducer cabinet, Hager occupancy detector and switch system, tehalit.BRAP dado trunking. 



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