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29th January 2018

Germany starts 2018 running almost entirely on renewables

The new year began with a new record for electricity customers in Germany: for part of the day on 1st January, 95 per cent of the country's electricity requirements were met with renewable energies. This recent finding was published in a report by Berlin thinktank Agora Energiwende. Although this record only lasted for a few hours, in the words of Agora’s CEO, Patrik Graichen: “It is still a very good sign.” This achievement broke the previous record from 30th April 2016, when 88 per cent of Germany’s electricity needs were met with electricity from renewable sources.

The record was primarily the result of strong winds and – for a few hours – the use of solar power. As always on public holidays, the country's electricity consumption was somewhat lower than the levels generally seen on work days. Last year, the average share of renewables in the German electricity consumption mix was 36.1 per cent.

The recent record high is good news for Hager Group, as we have been playing a key role in the energy transition with the elements we supply, such as smart building control centres, charging stations for electric vehicles and the relevant controlling software. By acquiring E3/DC, a company specialising in energy storage, we have now laid another key building block that will help pave the way for a future-oriented energy supply.

“The energy transition is picking up speed thanks to the constantly growing share of renewables in the mix and the updates to the infrastructure,” says Daniel Hager, Chief Executive Officer of Hager Group. “Similar changes are on the cards for many countries all over world. And as a developer of future-oriented energy management solutions, we aim to play a defining role in this transformation.”

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