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Goodwood Park Hotel (Singapore)

The Goodwood Park Hotel in Singapore has a rich heritage laced with luxury and exclusivity. Built in 1900, it began as the Teutonia Club – an elite enclave for the German expatriate community in Singapore.

In 1918, three brothers by the family name of Manasseh bought the property and renamed it Goodwood Hall after the famous Goodwood Racecourse in England. Goodwood Hall was registered in 1922 as a restaurant-café-entertainment establishment. That same year, one of its  highlights was a glittering performance by one of the world’s greatest ballerinas, Anna Pavlova.

In 1929, the Manassehs turned Goodwood Hall into the Goodwood Park Hotel, which catered to travelling businessmen from Malaya. The establishment became one of the best-known hotels at the end of the 1930s, with notable guests from that time period including the Duke of Windsor, then the Prince of Wales of England.

Today, our B.7 switch ranges from Berker in polar white and rhodium embellish the Goodwood Park Hotel. The design of excellence always brings together a lot of ideas. The pursuit of the ultimate detail and the admiration of superior quality. So it's no coincidence that our switches and systems can also be found here.


Project: Goodwood Park Hotel

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Products and solutions: Berker, B.7 Plastic Polar White Matt & Berker, B.7 Plastic Rhodium Lacquered (MANUFAKTUR)



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