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7nd February 2017

Hager building automation system coviva.

Intelligently controlling your own four walls? In the past, this was frequently a time-consuming undertaking, involving extensive conversion work that generated dirt and noise. With the coviva Smartbox, Hager is presenting the first user-friendly system that can be retrofitted without any bother and is child’s-play to control. This makes coviva particularly interesting for tenants and property owners who want to bring their flat or house up to the latest building standard without major outlay. Since intelligent building functions are controlled via wireless technology, living comfort and safety are increased and energy costs lowered.

While the system has already been on the market in France and Italy for some time now, it was not launched in Germany until 1 February 2017. More countries are to follow.

And this is how easy it is: the installer sets up a local infrastructure on a quicklink wireless basis, and hence the latest standard (KNX), in the building automation. As a wireless-based system, coviva can integrate switches, dimmers, sockets, roller shutters, alarm systems and other building control systems without any chiselling or construction work at all. The user can also programme scenarios and processes without having to get the installer involved. Thanks to the coviva box and app, the building automation system can be operated perfectly easily from devices such as a smartphone, desktop PC or tablet – even when people are out and about. Other products such as the Netatmo weather stations can also be incorporated without any problems at all. All of this can be operated intuitively and couldn't be easier to understand.

A further special feature: coviva can be installed on a room-by-room basis. So, if you just want to renovate part of your house or flat to start off with, you can get ready for the future on a step-by-step basis. When completely renovating a property, coviva is probably the easiest method of making a building more comfortable, energy-efficient and flexible.

All updates work automatically and only with the customer's approval. In the future, Hager will work on integrating further solutions from other wireless protocols and technologies – anything that may appear interesting. By contrast, coviva is completely self-contained with regard to data: what happens in the home in terms of data, stays in the home.  This makes coviva the most user-oriented building automation system on the market at present.

“All other systems on the market are proprietary systems,” says Johannes Hauck from Corporate Business Development at the Hager Group as he explains the difference. “This means that a person who chooses a system is automatically restricted to the facilities and further development of that one system. With Hager coviva by contrast, customers opt for the fascinating opportunities of the future – whatever they may look like.”

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