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30th May 2017

Hager Event at the new Rapid Allianz Stadium Business Club

Just as Rapid Vienna’s football matches attract hordes of spectators, the events held in the business club at the newly erected Rapid Allianz Stadium are also popular and well-attended. That’s why Hager Austria decided to follow suit and hold an expert talk in the VIP area of the Rapid Allianz Stadium on 27 April to let clients know all about the latest products and solutions.

Two hundred Hager enthusiasts made their way to the home turf of the Austrian record-holding champions for the event. Before the talk began, the guests were given a guided tour of the stadium, where they were shown the Hager products used in the building and gained an exclusive glimpse behind the scenes in areas such as the players’ changing rooms and the Rapid chapel.

The tour was followed by a brief introduction from Alexander Rupp, Managing Director of Hager Austria, and Christoph Pescheck, Business Manager at SK Rapid GmbH. Peschek mentioned a number of interesting details about the new stadium – for example, all 41 of the VIP boxes are booked up years in advance and there are long waiting lists for spaces. And once again, he underscored the club’s smooth, positive cooperation with Hager, the company that was ultimately responsible for transforming the project into Austria’s most state-of-the-art stadium. At this point, Günther Unterweger, Head of Training at Hager Austria, took over and kicked off the main event: the expert talk. 

He started by talking about the SK Rapid fan light switch. Unterweger explained that the green and white Rapid design is simply a sign of Hager’s individuality – it goes without saying that the products from the kallysto series can also be produced with logos from other clubs or companies. As the presentation progressed, Unterweger took the time to talk about Austria’s market leader, Volta distribution. Like Rapid, Hager also knows that being the best is the only option. That's why we launched the new volta.hybrid, which sees a power and information supply combined in a compact enclosure for the first time. Of course, all the products were on hand for the audience to see and touch at the venue so they could get a clearer picture of everything being discussed.

When the subject of smart homes came up, Unterweger turned his attention to coviva, the new wireless solution. The coviva system is installed without the need to interfere with the structure of the building in any way. But as well as talking about convenience in his presentation, Unterweger also demonstrated how safety can be improved. Without doubt the most outstanding innovation in this area was the new wireless fire detection system, which is closing the safety gap between smoke detectors and fire alarm systems.

The guests used the final refreshment break as an opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge, as well as to express their positive response and enthusiasm for this event to the Hager employees in attendance.


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