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3rd January 2018

Hager Forum Obernai: A crowd-puller with international appeal

Just shy of the two years since its opening,  Hager Forum in Obernai, France has become a real crowd-puller. Christian Gras, appointed its Director in 2017, explains its appeal.

Christian, what attracted you to Hager Forum?

…the many opportunities that it offers. We have already held and organised several meetings and conferences, there are even more possibilities though;  Hager Forum really does have the potential to grow and become even more dynamic and internationally reaching. Indeed, several important company projects will impact and transform Hager Group in years to come and Hager Forum has what it takes to become a driving force for this transformation. It is a meeting place and platform for employees, customers and business partners alike from all over the world to exchange ideas and information.

What makes Hager Forum different?

An open-minded attitude towards other cultures and expectations is important if we want to meet our visitors’ expectations, and we do. For example, visitors from India, China, Russia or the USA have completely different criteria from Europeans when it comes to being welcomed, guided and even inspired.. Ultimately, Hager Forum is the place where people from all over the world can come together to shape our common future. When they return home afterwards, we hope they will help bring Hager Group vision to the rest of the world.

Hager Forum will soon be celebrating its second anniversary. How are things looking so far?

Pretty good… Our modern conference rooms are so popular these days that they are often booked up and visitation rates are up thanks to special events such as Tech Days or Creativity Week. Our ambition is now to strengthen Hager Forum’s status internationally by promoting its conference and event centre appeal. We're feeling pretty optimistic about this, half of its visitors are from either Germany or France, this means that the other half are elsewhere in the world; indeed, it would seem that we are making an truly international move in the right direction. 

Christian Gras (52) joined Hager Group in January 2017 as Hager Forum Director.


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