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19th September 2018

Hager Group and AUDI AG - the future of e-mobility

Hager Group and AUDI AG - setting the course for the future of e-mobility

E-mobility will shape our future; yet charging e-vehicles remains a challenge for the domestic power supply. Charging can push the supply to its output limits, to guard against this and allow charging with maximum output, Hager Group – together with Audi – has developed a concept for charging the Audi e-tron: flow – the intelligent Home Energy Management System.

The system is located in a building’s central technical system and supplies the e-tron connect system with information necessary for optimum planning and control for the charging process. It takes into account power consumption by reducing the energy flow in case of a potential overload, thus ensuring a constant energy supply.

How does it work? Hager Home Energy Management System is constantly updated about the incoming electricity supply and consumption in the building; it is configured during installation for the maximum domestic load. Whilst charging the Audi e-tron, the system takes into account all appliances in use and feeds the maximum available output into the charging system. In doing so, it not only protects the electrical installation, it also reduces charging times.

Furthermore, flow enables cost-optimised charging by analysing flexible electricity tariffs. When the charge level required along with departure time are entered into the Audi e-tron, the system identifies the most favourable tariffs for subsequent charging.

flow also makes the best possible use of solar electricity. The system knows how much electricity the photovoltaic installation produces and in parallel to this can tap into the region’s weather forecast. Analysis of weather data, enables the system to predict the amount of self-generated energy necessary to programme the best possible option for CO2-neutral and practically free of cost charging.

The system can be controlled via fixed or mobile devices such as smartphones. With the interface there is a real time overview of energy consumption and the option to adapt if necessary.


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