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21st November 2017

Hager Group expands its energy efficiency portfolio

Hager Group has expanded its expertise in energy metering and efficiency technologies by acquiring the Italian measuring technology specialists Herholdt Controls. Founded in 1991, the family-owned enterprise based in Milan develops and produces energy meters and energy monitoring equipment that allow commercial building operators to precisely measure how much energy they are consuming and where. The company comprising 19 employees has belonged to Hager Group since July 2017, making it a part of a steadily growing portfolio of solutions for greater energy efficiency.

"Herholdt Controls" smart electricity meters complement our portfolio of solutions for commercial buildings perfectly,” explains Remy Becher, who is in charge of Hager Group’s offer management in the commercial sector. “You can only take specific steps to reduce your energy costs if you know exactly how much energy you are consuming and where.”

This is precisely what the local electricity meters that Hager Group now offers for functional buildings enable people to do. When linked to Hager’s agardio.manager (energy monitoring server), they give building operators an up-to-the-minute overview of their total energy consumption and of their buildings’ individual consumption points. How much energy is the lighting consuming? How much standby energy is the building consuming? Or is the heating and air conditioning by far the biggest energy guzzler? Building managers can now get precise answers to questions like these – and can then make modernisation investments precisely where they are needed the most. 

As an example, there are currently around 324,000 office and administration buildings in Germany alone, amounting to floor space of a good 380 million square metres. Their energy consumption accounts for approximately 20 per cent of that of all non-residential buildings and around 6 per cent of that of the entire building sector. According to a recent study conducted by the German Energy Agency (dena), there is still a great deal of untapped potential here in terms of energy requirements. “The dismantling of obstacles to investment and the ongoing monitoring of the effectiveness of efficiency measures are especially important steps in making the energy transition a success.”

This is precisely where Hager Group is now increasing its focus. With its new measuring technology, it is also offering an array of solutions for the international standard IEC 60364-8-1 (DIN VDE 0100-801:2015-10), which prescribes state-of-the-art electricity metering technology for functional buildings. Property operators can now get hold of such technology in the tried and tested Hager quality. It can be used not only in offices, but also in production plants, shopping centres, public buildings and hotels – wherever anyone wishes to efficiently save energy and money.

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