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11th March 2015

Dancing, singing, magic and much more: Hager Group in China celebrate the Year of the Sheep

28th January 2015 saw the curtain rise on Hager China’s annual company banquet revealing an impressive display of talent and performance.

The party was a colourful and varied display of performances and activities for more than 1,600 attendees, including the company’s marketing and sales colleagues from all over China, as well as guests from the Dongguan and Huizhou factories and France, making it the biggest annual event to date. The joyful celebration lasted for around 8 hours, with photograph sessions and performances leading up to the evening banquet. Each part of the event was prepared with meticulous attention to detail to the delight of those in attendance.

Innovations at the party:
Internet tools were used to keep up to date with the times: everyone present was able to log into “WeChat” and make use of interactive upgrades to enjoy the party!

Selfies were taken, comments were posted, good wishes were sent, emotions were shared and prizes were drawn! Everyone “liked” items and voted on the evening’s performances: were you a great singer…? How good were your dance moves…? Everyone’s scores were published in real time.

The programme:
This year’s programme contained a diverse collection of arts and entertainment. It included modern and classical-style performances, including satirical reflection and parodies, as well as warm and affectionate traditional performances. There was entertainment in the form of magic, singing, popular dance, short sketches and guitar playing.

Happy Year of the Sheep to all our colleagues in China.

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