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Hager Group Managers on "blind dates" with customers

How do we stay as close as possible to our customers' needs?

To find out what our customers want, what their ideas and expectations are, there exist many different technologies and methods; the most direct and honest is a straight conversation with them. And because this is the case, our colleagues from German and French market organisations initiated a series of unusual "blind dates" last year: managers from areas, such as production, research & development and quality control, accompanied sales colleagues on customer visits. Their mission: to understand what motivates our customers. To explain what drives us at Hager Group. And to translate both into even more customer-oriented solutions and services.

"The Blind Date concept is a perfect example of our focus on customer needs," explains Daniel Hager. "At the same time, it makes us all once again aware of the contribution that each and every one of us makes or can make towards greater customer satisfaction". The visit of the managers in turn showed the customers how much their opinion is valued by Hager Group and how seriously their feedback is taken.

Over two days, managers in France and Germany visited several customers from very different market segments with their sales colleagues, gained direct insights into the everyday work of sales people and customers and returned with unfiltered feedback.

The fact that all blind dates in France were fully booked within three hours shows how valuable straight conversations are. When asked whether they would recommend similar experiences to their colleagues, 100 percent of the participants answered "yes" afterwards.

Managers at Hager Group will now have the opportunity to do this again. The successful concept will be repeated in Germany and France in the coming months and possibly extended to other markets.

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