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4th November 2015

Hager Group organises an adventure day for youngsters from SOS Children's Villages

Did you know that it is possible to hear the sound of a bell using a spoon and two elastic bands? This is what 90 children from three villages run by the organisation SOS Children's Villages, known as “SOS Villages d'Enfants” in France, discovered during a day out organised by Hager Group.

On 19th October around 90 young adventurers from France and Germany took part in an action-packed day out. Hager Group put together an exciting programme that combined recreational and educational activities, including workshops and guided tours, all a stone's throw from the Franco-German border. In the morning the children enjoyed a private visit of ‘Le Vaisseau’, Strasbourg's science-centre, where they took in over 100 interactive animations. They also took part in fun workshops, where they had the opportunity to learn fascinating facts and find out what it is like to be a scientist. As part of the museum's temporary exhibition, the youngest children in the group were introduced to the mystery and magic of sound: how does sound reach our ears? And how is it possible to hear the sound of a bell using a spoon and two elastic bands? Meanwhile, the older children tried their hand at forensics. They conducted a criminal investigation and managed to identify the culprit thanks to prints found at the scene of the crime and DNA evidence. Once they had completed all of these challenges at the science-centre, the children set off on a boat trip through Strasbourg. "It was amazing! I'd love to go on the ‘bateau mouche’ boat again," said one of the girls. Another said she would prefer to return to the science-centre as soon as possible. Feedback from the children – and the smiles they had on their faces during the day out – proved that Hager Group had well and truly accomplished its mission.

This charitable initiative was launched in December 2011 at Hager Group Symposium; its participants from all around the world usually received a small gift as a memento of this annual conference. Yet, for the second time in a row, the Board of Directors decided that the budget traditionally allocated for these gifts should be used for SOS Children's Villages International. “Since we are a family company, the notion of family and the social roots it represents is particularly close to our hearts. That is why we are supporting SOS Children's Villages International. The organisation offers these children and teenagers a family environment and the opportunity to have a better life,” explains Daniel Hager.

The three villages that were chosen are all close to Hager Group sites in France and Germany; they are situated in Obernai, Saarland and Palatinate.

About SOS Children's Villages International
SOS Children's Villages International is an independent, apolitical, secular non-governmental organisation that helps children who have been orphaned, abandoned or separated from their parents. The organisation is currently active in 134 countries and offers a home to almost 80,000 boys and girls in its 560 villages. Anyone can sponsor a child or a village via donations. The donations pay for food, clothes, education and medical care for the children living in the villages.

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