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6th December 2018

Hager Group partner with the DeutschINSA campus

Hager Group is joining the circle of partner companies of the French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA Strasbourg) to support the DeutschINSA campus, which aims to teach its graduate engineers German and French language and culture. Currently represented around the world, Hager Group hopes to attract more expert engineers capable of adapting to a bi-cultural environment. 

Constantly on the lookout for new talent able to keep up with business development activities and its ambitions for international growth, Hager Group announced a partnership with the French National Institute of Applied Sciences ( INSA) in Strasbourg. Its aim is to support its Franco-German campus DeutschINSA in educating young engineers, who, in addition to the quality of their technical expertise in electrical, mechanical, mechatronic and plastics engineering, have also to be perfectly at ease in a European and international environment. “This partnership should enable us to raise our profile among the students at INSA, whose technical credentials and cultural soft skills are of particular interest to us,” says Ana Maria Arteaga Campos, responsible for young talent and university relations at Hager Group. “With 1,300 employees in Saarland and 2,600 in Alsace, establishing a network with schools and universities in the region is a top priority for us in order to position ourselves as both a local and international employer who opens up future opportunities at different Hager Group sites.

The latest consumer requirements (smart home, smart energy grids, respecting the environment, etc.) are giving rise to the emergence of new jobs linked to digitisation, the Internet of Things, data processing and the like, within an international context. Hager Group thus intends to supplement its teams by recruiting young graduates with an open-minded view of the world.

The institute itself is delighted with this support, which will shore up its only campus in France. Since its founding in 2007, the campus has educated 350 students in the three levels available (DeutschINSA Advanced, Experienced and Expert), some of whom have gone on to pursue their studies to acquire a double French/German degree in engineering. “Hager Group perfectly reflects our own international approach – it’s a company that transforms the intercultural challenges encountered in everyday life into assets and opportunities,” says Mathias Zessin, who is responsible for the DeutschINSA campus at the institute. “By doing so, this partnership boosts our appeal, notably among the German-speaking students in the INSA network,” he continues.

It will in fact enable us to consolidate financing the INSA summer school (a supplementary programme for students), placements for German and Swiss teachers, intercultural courses offered by the Kehl Euro-Institut, as well as grants. Hager Group sees itself as having a proactive approach and provides the school with stakeholder groups for exchanges and opportunities to engage with the professional environment. Opening up its horizons in this way to the benefit of the employability of the young graduates, this partnership offers a tangible and practical vision of international cooperation.

A little history lesson...
Hager Group was founded by Peter Hager and his two sons, Dr. Oswald and Hermann Hager, in 1955 at Saarbrücken-Ensheim in Saarland. In 1956, the Saar Treaty resulted in the return of Saarland to Germany, following the region’s placement under the French Protectorate after the Second World War. In order to retain its French customers, Hager family decided to set up in Obernai in 1959. Since then, the synergies between the two cultures are what have turned the business into a success, along with the development of its products and solutions for electrical installations throughout all European markets.

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