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16th October 2019

Hager Group supports East Side Fab

The Saarland Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour, Energy and Transport is breaking new ground in promoting innovation. By establishing an innovative interaction & development workshop known as the East Side Fab, the Ministry is taking a key step towards developing innovative collaboration among companies from different sectors.

At Hager Group, we both welcome and actively support this step. The project aims to foster new networks in the worlds of business, politics and research and promote collaboration and new start-ups. Minister for Economic Affairs Anke Rehlinger inaugurated the new East Side Fab on Eschberger Weg in Saarbrücken on 30th September. “The East Side Fab will act as a basis and a hub: from here, we want to promote the development of new business ideas, strengthening Saarland’s economic innovation and our region’s start-up scene,” she commented at the opening.

Fab e.V. Association. Some of the funds are to go towards fostering innovative projects. Johannes Hauck from Corporate Strategy & Innovation at Hager Group, which has supported the project right from the start, commented that “we are delighted to be able to contribute to a very positive development in Saarland and the bordering region. Applying our experience with similar real-world projects to develop innovative technologies, we aim to play a key role in the association.”

The large, 300 m2 creative space and events location will focus primarily on modern communications technology.  It is furnished with various seating areas – small communication areas spread out across the space that offer significant flexibility depending on how many people are involved in the meeting and the type of event.

The keynote speaker at the launch event was German blogger, author and journalist Sascha Lobo, who specialises in areas including digital technologies and their impact on social development.

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