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Hager Group unified in the fight against COVID-19

Donations for health actors and international initiatives

In recent weeks, there has been a global outpouring of solidarity in response to the COVID-19 epidemic. Urgent help is needed and Hager Group is mobilising.   

Donations of personal protective equipment for health actors 
In the face of the pandemic healthcare workers are on the front line. In many countries, caregivers need equipment to protect themselves and others, to limit the spread of the virus. But this material is not arriving fast enough or in sufficient quantities.   

Employees have been sensitive to this issue and have taken action in many countries. They have reacted quickly, with pragmatism and solidarity. In total, Hager Group donated more than 13,000 masks (surgical and FFP2).  The company also provided gloves, hydro-alcoholic gel, gowns and protective floats. To date, this material has been distributed in France, Spain, Poland and China, as close as possible to the production sites. Future deliveries are already planned. The German colleagues are preparing to distribute 10,000 additional masks to local hospitals. 

Hager Group and all of its employees support and thank our nursing staff and all the people who are committed on a daily basis to deal with this exceptional situation. 

International initiatives  
Other gestures of solidarity, both internal and external, are being developed in the different countries of the group: express supply of electrical equipment for emergency hospitals, donations of computers to ensure the continuity of schooling for children during confinement, links with isolated elderly people, etc. More information to follow in future news. 
Ensuring the safety of our employees, customers and partners 
Hager Group has implemented stringent measures to protect its employees while continuing to satisfy its customers and partners. Find all the information in our previous news. 

Hager Group and all of its employees are united and everyone at his or her own level makes a contribution. Our values as a family business takes on the full meaning in the face of these new challenges. 

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