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6th September 2019

Hager Group uses recycled materials in the manufacture of distribution boards

As part of on-going sustainable development, 85% of Hager polymer flush-mounted electric distribution boards now contain recycled polystyrene notably from old fridges.

In 2018 the circular economy pilot project was launched, its objective being instead of using new raw material for two plastic parts of a distribution board, use WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) recycled materials. 

To reach this objective, the Sustainable Development department and group engineers turned to the French environmental organisation ESR (Eco-systèmes-Récylum) for help as they are very knowledgeable about WEEE recycling and also organise the collection & recycling of waste material for electric and electronic equipment in France. ESR helped Hager Group identify companies capable of recycling the material needed.

The company Galloo Plastics, based in Halluin in northern France, was selected. Technical trials were conducted and the selection made based on the technical qualities of the material and the capacity of the recycler to supply the necessary volumes.

Since April 2019, this polystyrene from old fridges is used where distribution boards are produced: La Roca del Vallés in Spain and Blieskastel in Germany. Our distribution boards now contain 33% recycled plastic.

"Our aim is now to introduce objectives for our ecological product design strategy to promote the use of recycled materials, potentially starting at the design of certain parts." concludes Skander Hassayoune, Sustainable Development engineer at Hager Group.

"Hager Group's approach of giving plastics a second life corresponds to the transition to a circular economy. Our mission is to make our technical and legal expertise available and promote relations with players in the field of recycled plastics," says Pierre-Marie Assimon, Head of Studies and Eco-design at ESR.

Hager Group has been developing initiatives to reduce or reuse plastic waste generated in its injection and extrusion processes for over ten years now. These initiatives include regrinding, external reprocessing or installing hot channel injection moulds.

About Hager Group
The Hager Group is a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. Our services range from energy distribution and cable management to security systems and smart building automation. We are an independent, family-run business with headquarters in Blieskastel, Germany, and one of the leading innovators in our sector. Our 11,500 employees generate a turnover of around €2 billion. Customers in more than 120 countries rely on our components and solutions, which we produce in 22 locations around the world.


Press Release: Hager Group uses recycled materials (DOC, 116 KB)

Pictures: Hager Group uses recycled materials (ZIP, 6 MB)

Nadja  Hoffmann
Nadja Hoffmann
Group Media Relations
Hager Group
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