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Hager Group x LAb[au]: Our industry reflected in art

After having exhibited amongst others at MOMA in New York, the Venice Biennale and the Museums of Contemporary Art in Montreal and Seoul, the artist group LAb[au] will feature alongside Hager Group at the 2020 edition of L’Industrie Magnifique, the open air art exhibition.

Based in Brussels (Belgium) since 1996, the trio of Michel Abendroth, Jérôme Decock and Els Vermang describe their artistic approach as the contemporary and conceptual relationship between art and language. From electrical circuits to programming via soldering, cutting out and drilling, they design and create all their works themselves in their 800 m² studio. Their works are characterised by plays of geometry, colours, light and movement generated by algorithms.

Why LAb[au]?

We at Hager Group believe that innovation and creativity are key factors in our future development. We have chosen LAb[au] because we recognise ourselves in their artistic approach with its combination of architecture, design, electricity and forms. Their works are in tune with our modern world, they are in some way a mirror of our society with an innovative dimension. Their fascinating spectacular perspective demonstrates a high level of technical execution.

Why do we take part in L’Industrie Magnifique?

“For us, art is a means of revealing the creative side of industry, developing and even sublimating it. It is therefore important to us to facilitate access to art by repositioning it at the heart of the public space.” Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group.

Spurred on by the success of the first edition, Hager Group has decided to renew its participation as a major partner.This federating project enabled us to confirm our recognition and visibility in the region as a major player in the economy. It also provided an opportunity to energise a large number of employees on our sites in Alsace by strengthening inter-departmental collaboration. Since its inception, we have been supporting this project that associates businesses, artists and local authorities to develop and promote creation, art and industrial heritage in the region.



For more information on the LAb[au] group, visit: https://www.lab-au.com/

For more information on L’Industrie Magnifique, visit: http://www.industriemagnifique.com/



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