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16th January 2018

Hager hello! Our residential distribution boards are connected providing better service and safety

An innovative IoT solution available soon for the French Market

Hager Group has been protecting homes and families for many years thanks to its reliable and safe electrical installations. As an innovative industrial company, we constantly extend beyond our technological foundations to face the growing demand for connected devices and smart solutions. An example of this is the breakthrough solution hello.

What is hello?

A connected plug-in device for an existing electrical installation, hello guarantees peace of mind for end-users by letting them know immediately via a smartphone app if there is a problem with their electrical installation.

What are its advantages for our customers?

Away for the weekend? Got some special bottles in your wine cellar? Is your freezer full? hello enables you to act if necessary by informing you of a power cut.

Agile start-up spirit. 

hello has just been showcased along with other innovative solutions by our new partner Silicon Labs at the  Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas; it incorporates Silicon Labs’ EFR32 Wireless Gecko technology and integrates different types of technology such as Sigfox connectivity. hello is above all the result of collaboration between several Hager Group teams: Offer Management Residential, Electronic Products and System Engineering, Research and Development, Standardisation, Hager Services and the French Market area. They all contributed to getting hello up and running within a 9-month period.

hello will be introduced in January 2018 and available on the French market in April.

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