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8th May 2017

Hager measurement technology: sensitive sensors for a better environment

They measure noise, air quality and energy consumption. These sensitive sensors can detect even minimal changes. And now they have become an integral component of the Hager Services brand: Hager Group is expanding its range for completely different fields of application with innovative noise and environmental sensors.

Two years have passed since Hager Group acquired Azimut Monitoring, an innovative provider of environmental sensors. The company made a name for itself in its native France, offering noise sensors for car and motorcycle racing tracks, as well as weather and air sensors in winter sports locations.

And as part of Hager Group, the innovative company can now target completely new customer groups and usage locations. For example, its sensors are now used to measure the air quality in workplaces and public institutions. In the future, they could also measure the energy consumption, comfort and safety status of buildings. As an integral component of the Hager smart home solutions, all the information can be retrieved externally at any time.

“Our solutions are helping Hager Group expand their range of products and services in the field of smart homes,” says Didier Dufournet, who founded Azimet Monitoring around ten years ago. “And smart cities business is another promising prospect: Hager Group could play an active role here with intelligent sensors.”

More information can be found in our Hager Group Annual Report 2016/17.

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