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Heading for the Vendée Globe 2024 with Fabrice Amedeo

Since 1955, the success of Hager Group  has been based on courage, as well as on the willingness to take calculated risks. We find both elements in offshore sailing. This practice closely combines the spirit of exploration, curiosity and the will to face the unknown. Without a good dose of the latter, professional sailors cannot reach "new shores". It is this common ground that Hager Group and Fabrice Amedeo share and that has led them both to join forces on the road to Vendée Globe 2024.

A former journalist and writer, Fabrice Amedeo has made his passion his profession. Because we believe that passion and true dedication are the keys to success, the French skipper has proved to be a partner of choice. More than a great sportsman, Fabrice Amedeo is a credible and reliable ambassador for environmental sustainability, a role model whose actions are rich in meaning. To be a credible hero in this day and age, a sportsman or woman can no longer be satisfied with being a good athlete. Indeed, his or her practice must not go against nature, but be in phase with it.

Sailing is based on making progress with wind and thus renewable energy. It is therefore a real beacon for the future, supported by the ambition to banish all fossil fuels in favor of solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy.

It is therefore no surprise that E3/DC, as a premium brand for battery storage and solutions in the field of electromobility within the Hager Group, is joining the Group's commitment. Hager Energy, the unit that carries the E3/DC brand, is helping to shape the electrical world of tomorrow with its innovative and customer-oriented products and solutions.

It is therefore equally true for the partners that progress can only be achieved through innovation. The tougher the competition, the more innovative and challenging it is. We are convinced that by being agile, smaller players can challenge the bigger ones. To do this, we need to act faster and smarter. By turning mistakes into lessons learned without delay, we can continue the change in the short term and win the battle in the long term. Because we share this vision with Fabrice Amedeo, we look forward to heading to the Vendée Globe 2024 together.

Find out more about Fabrice Amedeo here.


Press release: Fabrice Amedeo (PDF, 250 KB)

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