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Hotel At Six (Stockholm, Sweden)

An old bank office in the neighbourhood next to Brunkebergstorg was transformed into what we now call At Six. An elegant and distinctive hotel created by a strong vision and bold ideas.

Solutions that simply fit

Berker serie 1930
The number one among rotary switches – then as now: the design language is directly based on that of the historic Berker Bauhaus switches. The range is made either of shiny plastic in black or white, or of fine porcelain “made by Rosenthal”.

USB charging socket with 2 USB
Type A for charging mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, navigation devices and digital cameras via USB cable, short-circuit and overload-proof (electronic fuse).

Berker Q.1
The berker Q.1 series are switches you can feel. From the very first touch you can feel the unmistakable velvety texture. The frames of the Q.1 series are gently rounded and have a very harmonious appearance. In contrast, the frames of the Q.3 series are straight and angular. The timeless polar white and anthracite colours fit into every modern living environment. With their functional design, the 1930 and Q.1 series create a special environment. A perfect combination of innovative technology and timeless design.

Relay switch with centre plate for Hotelcard
Relay switch with centre plate for Hotelcard R.1/R.3 black, glossy Hotelcard with potentiometer for stepwise adjustment of the follow-up time, illuminated with blue LED when the hotelcard is not inserted, with potential-free contact.

Berker Q.3
Hotelcard switch, USB, HDMI and International outlets in 15 different design series in 240 different combinations. You can also choose your own colour or surface to match the interior of the hotel. berker Q.3 is the perfect choice of creative technology and timeless design.

We reduce operating costs.
We develop interconnected, and energy-efficient concepts that integrate all room functions. This means that your energy consumption can be centrally controlled, measured and visualised. As a result, you can quickly identify expensive consumption peaks, unexpected limit value overruns and operating conditions that deviate from the ideal, showing you where energy consumption can be optimised and costs saved.

We give you the freedom to grow whatever happens.
Whether it’s a change in the equipment of a hotel room or the renovation of the entire building: Our cable management solutions deliver power and data wherever they are needed – today and well into the future, thanks to their high extensibility and adaptability. This allows operators to react flexibly to changes at any time and to adapt room concepts to their wishes.


Project: Hotel At Six

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Products & Solutions: berker serie 1930, berker Q.1 switch, berker Relay switch with centre plate for Hotelcard, berker Q.3 switch, USB charging socket with 2 USB



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