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Hotel & Restaurant Seegarten, Sundern

What makes a stay in this or that hotel an unforgettable experience? Ultimately, it’s down to the fine details. Hotel & Restaurant Seegarten is located next to the idyllic Sorpe Dam and boasts a number of electrical subtleties and designer switches that help to elevate its status to that of an extraordinary destination. But not only that: the hotel also has its own keycard switches which activate the right ambient lighting in the rooms depending on the time of day. The LED lighting in the spa is controlled via a Hager KNX Dali Gateway. The Hager GPS weather station on the roof determines the latest climate data. 

Project:  Hotel & Restaurant Seegarten

Location: Sundern, Germany

Architect:  otte-nöcker-partner architekten ingenieure

Products & solutions: Berker R.classic stainless steel matt/black, Hager KNX Dali Gateway, Berker W.1 (cellars and technical rooms), Univers N free-standing distribution board 




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