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Huizhou Hager Electric Ltd

Huizhou Cityis situated in the southeast part of the Guangdong Province. The city is off Dayawan Bay in the South China Sea and near Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

What can you do in Huizhou?

Visit the town:
Ye Ting Memorial Hall, Yuanmiao Taoist Temple, Huizhou Jiuqu Bridge, Sizhou Tower, Flower Island

Sunshine Shopping Mall, Digital Mall

Leisure Activities:
West Lake, Luofu Mountain, Nankun Mountain, Xunliao Bay, Pinghai Ancient City, Daya Bay, Shimin Square Park & visit the tropical countryside.

Food and drinks: 
Seasons Dragon Palace EDO Asian Lounge, Kempi Deli


Find more information about Huizhou  here.

Production in Huizhou(2015):

Number of employees: 1.200

Produced products: Modular Protection Devices (MCB, RCCB, RCBO, AOB), Main Switch Gear (ACB, MCCB…), Wiring Accessory

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