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Intelligent Building Technology

There are approximately 42 million buildings in Germany. In around two-thirds of these buildings the electrical installation systems are at least 40 years old. That means that while we use the latest technologies in the areas of communication and travel, when it comes to our homes we’re still stuck in the 1980s. In other words, there is great potential for renovation here to make our flats and houses more comfortable, intelligent, secure and energy efficient. These are exactly the kind of electrotechnical solutions that Hager Group is constantly working on.

Simpler yet better
Our research doesn’t just focus on finding solutions that are increasingly smarter – we also come up with solutions that are easier for electricians to install and for customers to operate intuitively. Installing intelligent building technologies is still rather complex, yet we are working to reduce the amount of effort required of electricians. And we are developing building automation solutions that can easily be operated and configured by our end users. Our aim is to make configuring an entire single-family house as easy as installing a new smartphone app.

Smarter and more convenient
This is all the more important when we consider that intelligent buildings will take on an increasing number of tasks in the future. They will manage their own energy instead of wasting it, as is often the case at the moment. It will be possible to link a building’s photovoltaic system on the roof, the electric car in the garage and the building’s projected energy consumption. Doors, windows and areas where security is an issue will all be monitored automatically. Smart buildings will even help us look after ourselves to a certain extent, that is to say if we end up reliant on nursing care. But all of this will only work if operating our building automation systems is as smart as it is straightforward. And these are exactly the kinds of solutions that you can expect from Hager Group in the future. It’s as simple as that.

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