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Kangaroo house (Culemborg, Netherlands)

The Culemborg Kangaroo House owes its unusual name to the fact that it combines a larger residential house with a smaller one where the parents of the owner live. Because the older residents have a foreseeable need for more care, the new building was equipped with intelligent home automation - motion detectors, LED skirting boards, alarm detectors, cooker security and electronic door locks. This way, the kangaroo house is not only safe and comfortable, but also always on the move to the digital future, whatever that may be. The building owner: "With the right KNX-based infrastructure, we have the guarantee that we will be able to add more and more new functionalities in the future as and when required".


Project: Kangaroo house

Location: Culemborg, Netherlands

Products and solutions: Berker Q.3 switch range, Hager KNX home automation, Hager Domovea visualization software, tehalit.SL LED skirting board channel




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