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Kevin Street Garda Station (Dublin)

In April 2018, Cosgrove Electrical Services completed and handed over the new headquarters for the Irish national police force. This five-floor building now houses many departments from the former Harcourt Street police force headquarters.

Hager lighting and control products were used in the project. A new 10 kV MS switch and transformer were installed, tested and commissioned and the new main power distribution is a customised design located at the heart of the building. A total of twenty-five low-voltage sub-distribution boards and several mechanical control centres were installed throughout the building to ensure low-voltage supply in all areas.

Hager’s main contribution to the project was the lighting connection; the lights, which use state-of-the-art LED and DALI technology, are controlled by presence, absence and daylight sensors. They were all integrated into one uniform system using lighting control products from Hager klik range.

Project: Kevin Street Garda Station  

Location: Dublin, Ireland 

Electrical installation:  Cosgrove Electrical Services

Products and solutions: Klik LCM (lighting control products), Hager main distribution board, Hager subdistributor



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