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7th August 2017

'Kick off with KNX' by Hager UK at Wembley Stadium

Hager UK celebrates the success of its event, ‘Kick off with KNX’, on the power of building automation hosted at Wembley Stadium.

On Wednesday 5th July, Hager UK invited guests from a variety of backgrounds in the electrical industry to Wembley Stadium for a unique event, ‘Kick off with KNX’. This was a chance for visitors to learn more about KNX, building automation and the potential this technology has as a new revenue stream for their businesses.

The event was naturally split into ‘a game of two halves’. In the morning, a panel of experts delivered their tips on how electrical contractors could diversify and grow their business in the world of building automation. In the afternoon, practical workshops were available which allowed guests to experience and learn more about KNX technology. A range of products from basic functionality up to more sophisticated automation controls were available to both interact with and also to enable a greater understanding of the benefits that the products can offer - as well as advanced high performance premium building automation tools. 

During the day, guests were treated to a VIP behind the scenes tour of Wembley. This included the England dressing rooms and replicating the players walking out of the tunnel towards the pitch area.

Malcolm Jones, Director of Creative Light and Power Ltd, attended the event and was impressed with what he saw “It was fantastic to be part of the Kick off with KNX event put on by Hager UK. I found all the team very knowledgeable and professional and I was impressed with the products available. I’ve come away from the event eager to learn more about building automation technology and I’m looking forward to working with and using Hager’s products in the near future.”

Ian Smith, Marketing Manager at Hager UK, was thrilled with the event “We are delighted with the response to our ‘Kick off with KNX’ event. At Hager, we know that there is an exciting future with building automation. Different stakeholders in the industry, from contractors, wholesalers to specifiers are all seeing the potential. By promoting KNX software, we want to provide our customers with the knowledge to help implement these solutions into their projects and to enhance their own business portfolios."

Matt Price, Building Automation Support Engineer, who is now part of the KNX UK Association Board, sees a bright future for building automation “The technology provided by KNX continues to grow. Whether it’s in the home, an office or for a service provider such as a hospital or a school, building automation can provide energy efficiency savings for a client and streamline the way their buildings operates. This is an exciting technology and Hager will be at the forefront to help benefit our customers.”

We congratulate the Hager UK team to their success!

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