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22nd October 2018

KISS with our AAL solutions!

Quite understandably and according to surveys, elderly people and those in need of care wish to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

This is where AAL - Ambient Assisted Living comes into play. Thanks to its products and solutions Hager Group is able to help make this dream a reality. There really is no need to install lots of complex devices; it can be KISS - Keep It Smart and Simple. For example, by using voice-controlled components in combination with presence and smoke detectors greatly increases safety, convenience and quality of life.

Important too are ease of operation, consumer acceptance and cost factors. One example of this is the use of motion detectors outside and presence sensors inside the home. They ensure that lights go on exactly when they’re needed and go off again when they’re not. Smoke detectors also provide increased safety and are now mandatory throughout Germany.

Another useful device is the coviva Smartbox, which allows users to centrally control the heating, lights and other systems in the home. It’s intuitive to operate, which means it’s easy for everyone to use, particularly for people who are not used to digital devises. It can also be accessed remotely at any time. With coviva, there’s no need to run new cables behind the wall or under the floor: an electrician can install it easily with a minimum of fuss.

Thanks to the use of applications from the field of artificial intelligence, we can expect a steady increase in the range of Ambient Assisted Living solutions available in the future – bringing us ever closer to an intelligent living space that allows for an independent lifestyle.

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