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Laboratory Bern (Bern, Switzerland)

Meeting the demand for an urgently needed new laboratory for modern medical research.
Simply put, the existing workplaces and laboratories at Bühlplatz no longer met modern demands. Compounding this was any expansion of this 80-year-old protected main building would not be possible due to its poor structural condition. Therefore a new building had to be built!

Bringing it all together
The Institute of Forensic Medicine (IRM) of the University of Bern was spread over seven locations in the city and the Department of Clinical Research (DKF) over eleven, but with the new building uniting the IRM and DKF, both labs will now be situated in one location. 

Long term plan
This is an important first step towards the desired concentration of medical institutes in the vicinity of the university hospital.

The details and the win!
The building project was selected within the framework of an overall performance competition. The construction of a largely neutral laboratory building, with an area of around 9,200 square metres was the demand. The premises are distributed over a total of three basement floors and seven upper floors. In addition, there is a serviced car park on the fourth and fifth basement levels. 

Pride in the work
There is always something extra-special when it comes to participating in new or renovated medical facilities. We’re delighted that our expertise will further the cause of modern medicine. Hats off to all involved!


Project: Laboratory

Location: Bern, Switzerland



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