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Limmat Tower (Dietikon)

A stylish penthouse overlooking the Limmat Valley.

It’s the Limmatfeld district’s main landmark: standing 80 metres tall, the Limmat Tower is the most prominent building in the Limmat Valley. Thanks to the stunning views that it offers across the region, this tower has become a popular commercial and residential building. And its penthouse apartment features several different Hager products.

The KNX building automation system is operated by high-end buttons, which can be lasered at the request of the customer. In addition, the symbols are backlit by white LEDs when it’s dark. The KNX buttons feature attractive frames made of high-quality materials such as wood and stainless steel, which add an even more exclusive touch. The robusto switch series was used for outdoor and wet areas. It’s IP55-certified, of course, which makes it the perfect choice for the impressive rooftop terrace. The tertio busbar system was used for distribution in the apartment. The tertio equipment and any components for 35 mm DIN profile rails can be mounted easily and quickly on the busbars using the adapters. What’s more, it can be used with standard copper rails up to 200 A.

Project:  Limmat Tower

Location: Dietikon, Switzerland

Year of construction: 2015

Builders: Rietpark Immobilien AG; Profond

General contractor:  Priora AG | Generalunternehmung

Architect:  huggenbergerfries Architekten AG, Zurich

Planning / engineering:  R+B engineering ag

Electrical installation: Jaisli-Xamax AG

Switchgear installation: Jaisli-Xamax AG

Systems integration: EIBROM GmbH

Products and solutions: KNX building automation system, KNX switches with frames, robusto switch series, tertio busbar system 



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