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List of winners

Date  Prize  Winner
01.12.18 Boom Ball  Piotr Grajnert
02.12.18 Allroundo   Ingo Falke
03.12.18 Hager Group Mug (yellow)  Dorian Schweitzer
04.12.18 Hager Group Powerbank (orange)   Claudia Spielberger
05.12.18  Hager Snuggle blanket  Rebecca Elliott
06.12.18 BOSE Soundlink Micro (blue)  Alex Laurent
07.12.18 Allroundo James Wright
08.12.18 Boom Ball  Heike Quenzer
09.12.18 Hager Group Mug (magenta)  Jean-Luc Missler
10.12.18 Hager Group Powerbank (yellow)   Carla Pulli 
11.12.18 Allroundo  Sephora Haenel
12.12.18 Boom Ball Jasmin Sierra Garrido
13.12.18 Hager Snuggle blanket  Samuela Fassetta
14.12.18 Hager Group Powerbank (blue) Nicole Kauffmann
15.12.18 Hager Group Mug (orange)  Sören Courret
16.12.18 Boom Ball  Stefan Grunden
17.12.18 Hager Group Powerbank (magenta)  John Ambrose
18.12.18 Allroundo Minerva Roque González
19.12.18 Hager Snuggle blanket  Carine Di Amor
20.12.18 Hager Group Mug (blue) Nico Kettenbaum
21.12.18 Hager Group Powerbank (orange)   Penny Thorne
22.12.18 Allroundo  Mathieu Viseux
23.12.18 Boom Ball   Rosie Carey
24.12.18 Philips Hue White and Color ambiance Starter-Kit, 3er Set LED-Reflektorlampe E27 + Schalter   Carine Greulich
MAIN PRIZE  iPhone XS   Thorben Priester

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