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6th July 2014

“Living at home – with peace of mind”: when technology eases everyday life

Together with Hager Group, Saarland University of Applied Sciences (HTW), skilled trade workshops, nursing services, municipalities, health insurers and social welfare organisations have launched the Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) Saarland network.

People in Germany are getting older and older. More than 22 million men and women will have reached retirement age by 2030 – around a third more than today’s figure. This is good news and presents us with a major social responsibility. With the number of old-age citizens on the up, more and more people want to continue living safely in their own homes for as long as possible.

With this in mind, the engineers at Hager Group have, for some time now, been investigating how state-of-the-art technologies can be easily and individually integrated into the home to meet people’s personal requirements. One AAL solution is, for instance, a user-friendly emergency alarm system, which immediately sends an automatic alarm signal to relatives or an emergency services centre in the case of an emergency. The  “my.sens” system, developed by the company “locate solution”, a member of Hager Group, is the only product on the market to already offer such a service.

The AAL Saarland network was formed in May 2014 on the initiative of Saarbrücken Professor Wolfgang Langguth, lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences (HTW). “The network has set itself the goal of developing a sustainable AAL infrastructure in Saarland and the surrounding regions in order to further expand the application of affordable, modern technology,” says Langguth. “Successful Ambient Assisted Living entails making a commitment to society aided by technology and the appropriate services.”

On 2nd July 2014, Daniel Hager, CEO of Hager Group, signed the AAL Saarland network’s official instrument of accession in the presence of Professor Wolfgang Langguth during a ceremony at the company headquarters in Blieskastel. “Demographic transition is one of the greatest social challenges of our time,” says Daniel Hager. “As part of the AAL Saarland network, we are excited to contribute to a strong community, which is tackling this transition while at the same time promoting the quality of life of people of all ages. With our control systems for lighting, temperature and blinds, smoke detectors and also door communication, we already offer a broad range of solutions to alleviate the day-to-day lives of people with restricted mobility or those who are in need of care, irrelevant of age.”

Assistance plus service equals security
AAL has brought intelligent assistance systems into the home together with associated service solutions. These focus on aspects relating to convenient support and prompt assistance in the event of an emergency.

“The specific challenge lies in finding solutions that fit people’s individual needs, as no two people are the same,” says Johannes Hauck, Corporate Strategy and Business Development Hager Group. “The AAL Saarland network is important to us; having contact with the other members in the network will help us expand our advisory expertise and fine-tune our products and services. Through its E3 sustainability programme – ethics, environment and energy – Hager Group shows its unequivocal commitment to social responsibility. AAL is an extremely well suited platform upon which we can offer our intelligent solutions for a self-determined way of life in the transforming society we live in today.”

You can find out more about Ambient Assisted Living @ Hager Group here.

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